Genealogical services:

  • genealogical research in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia
  • search for data about ancestors in birth records, land registers and other sources
  • family tree charts, descendant charts, pedigree charts etc. (shaped at client’s request)
  • reading and transcription of the old scripts
  • topography
  • specialization – territory of the Czech Republic, mainly Moravia, Silesia, Eastern Bohemia
  • any other services relating to genealogy, history, etc.

Procedure ("How to get started"):

  • to be able to start searching for your ancestors, we have to know at least some initial information (mainly birth dates and places of the eldest known ancestors).
  • in case the required registers are not in the archives but are still stored at municipal offices (mainly registers not older than 100 years), it is necessary to produce written authority and possibly other documents proving relationship to the searched person (birth certificate).
  • then it is necessary to decide what exactly you want to find out, there are more possibilities:
    1. Descendant chart on a direct (paternal, maternal) line - in this case we search only for families of direct descendants of the initial person (married couple), about siblings are traced only basic information (example  ).
    2. Descendant chart (family tree) – the chart is completed forwards, from the eldest known ancestor (married couple) to the present time. The chart includes all descendants, but in every other generation it traces only continuing branch of ancestral surname bearers (it means descendants of married sons) (example  ).
    3. Pedigree chart – it traces all the direct ancestors of the initial person, this chart is completed backwards (parents, grandparents, etc.) (example  ).
    4. Extended descendant chart – includes all descendants of the initial couple in the male and female line, regardless of their surname, the important thing is kinship (it means all descendants of married sons and daughters). Considering the large amount of people and variety of surnames it is a very labor-intensive and time-consuming research.
    5. Search for individual data in registers.